Welcome to the Manuel Beroepskleding clothing management environment!

With our clothing management system you can easily order professional clothing, shoes, personal protective equipment and/or other personal equipment online. Your employees can order online in the system themselves within his/her personal profile, which contains an extensive overview of his/her clothing package and sizes. If you prefer to have the orders processed centrally, this can also be taken care of by one person/department, by means of authorizations to order for others.

By having a fitting session take place prior to setting up your own online environment, the correct size can be read in per person, per item of clothing, making it even easier for you to order items of clothing. The employer always keeps an overview, from the order status to the spent budget. The process and steps can be tailored as desired; from budgeting to delivery.

Information is kept in the system: it remembers the history of all clothing wearers and their clothing ownership.


Benefits of the Clothing Management System

  • Simplification of internal processes;
  • Insight into the provided company clothing and personal protective equipment;
  • Signaling of periodic inspections for PPE;
  • Order within budget, region and department.